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  • Québec, Montréal - Association de massothérapeutes - massothérapie

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How AQTN stands out in the industry?

Our team includes a professional, an active member of the Order of administrators of Quebec ADMA, who is engaged to respect professional rules and code of ethics. But we stand out by our desire to be an association, not a corporation, and we strive to do this by associating people through various activities throughout the year. Refer to our Facebook for previous events.

In addition, we apply lean management six sigma tools (What is this?) to make our processes efficient, passing on those savings to members. We publish annual reports, offer personalized receipts, have numerous publications, multiple literary reviews and are on Facebook. We are innovators, have a vision, a mission, partners, many services (read more reasons) and in addition we are offering you an:

Unbeatable membership fee of 100$ (massage therapists), combined with high ethical standards.

The membership application includes the evaluation, processing and opening of your file, a welcoming kit, access to the administrative menu with tools and services, and 50 receipts to start.

Our offer:

First year of membership (all included) for RMT 100$
Cost of renewing (yearly) 91.50$
Errors & Omissions - Liability Insurance Starting at 95$
Application processing time 15 days or less
Register today as a: Massage therapist or as a Naturopath / Naturotherapist

As a result of the statistic that 81% of massage therapists in Quebec are autonomous workers (source), AQTN aims to offer professional tools to qualified therapists so they can develop fully in their practice.

AQTN aims:

  • Engaged therapists interested in actively learning and sharing their experiences.
  • Independent therapists who want insurance receipts from a reputable association.
  • Therapists who share the value of the integration of alternative medicine in health care system, named integrative medicine.

AQTN has a disciplinary structure and committee that exceeds industry standards.

Public protection and the protection of the therapists have always been important values, incorporated in our code of ethics since our beginnings. They will continue to be a key element in our future decisions. We also protect the integrity of each designation group with anti-fraud measures.

AQTN encourages it's massage therapists and naturopaths to have a public listing with details of their services through the massage therapist directory, the naturopath directory, both of which are free.