• Québec, Montréal - Association de massothérapeutes - massothérapie
  • Quebec massage therapy, naturopathy, naturotherapy association

Non-profit Quebec-based multidisciplinary association

Ideal for health care professionals working in prevention, massage therapists and naturopaths who wish to work in a health center, as autonomous workers or for a private practice.

Application evaluation time for therapists 15 days or less
Application evalution time for massage therapists in particular 5 days or less
Register today as a: Massage therapist, Kiné. or as a Naturopath / Naturotherapist

AQTN has a disciplinary structure and committee that exceeds industry standards.

Public protection and the protection of the therapists have always been important values, incorporated in our code of ethics since our beginnings. They will continue to be a key element in our future decisions. We also protect the integrity of each designation group with anti-fraud measures.

AQTN encourages it's massage therapists and naturopaths to have a public listing with details of their services through the massage therapist directory, the naturopath directory, both of which are free.