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AQTN's current fees and pricing

As an association, we do not charge taxes.

Most activities, one-day trainings and meetings held during the year are free for AQTN members, while a small fee is charged to non-members if they can be included in the activity.

Membership fee for the first year: Refer to application form for price. The membership application includes the evaluation, processing and opening of your file, a welcoming kit, access to the administrative menu with tools and services, and 50 receipts to start.

Annual renewal fee: 91.50$ - Same fee for all designations.

Errors and omissions liability insurance: From 95$ more details

Fee for one pack of 50 receipts: 7.50$

To purchase an additional three packs (150 receipts): 22.50$

Administrative fee to reproduce documents such as a receipt for your income taxes for therapists who are not members in good standing: 25$ (free for members)

Changing or adding a designation once a member: 45$, prior approval required, includes a new attestation and 150 receipts.

AQTN Sales kit / Commercial Advertising: Download the AQTN sales kit for information on reaching your target market online and through our social media channels. Document available in French only.

Materials returned by Canada Post as a result of an incorrect address: 15$ fee.

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