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What does an AQTN membership offer you?

Joining AQTN is...

Participating in the evolution of the practice of integrative medicine modalities and the creation of partnerships between traditional medicine and the complementary ones with the aim of modulating a global approach of integrative medicine.

Being part of a group of passionate therapists, who are professional and particularily experienced.

Having access to tools for visibility, diffusion, tips to develop your practice and partnerships to meet your needs.

Showing shared values for integrity and professionalism through our selective evaluation system and code of ethics. To ensure the strength of our mission, each new application is carefully reviewed in order to maintain the integrity of our entire list of members.


  • FREE SERVICE for all AQTN naturotherapists, naturopaths and massage therapists: Get a direct deposit when working with Blue Cross Medavie clients, right into your bank account! This is a huge concurrential advantage. Your client only pays the co-payment!
  • Custom business cards ready to order via VistaPrint
  • Various models of loyalty cards
  • Lowest priced custom made flyers EN / FR - PDF
  • Gift certificate models EN / FR - PDF
  • Referral for counseling, legal advice, coaching and accounting
  • Wellness chart - PDF
  • Downloadable over 3 hours of therapeutic music
  • Scientific literary review compilations - PDF
  • Partnership with Bureau en Gros (Staples) - Privileged account


  • Welcoming kit
  • A CD-ROM filled with information and tools
  • Weekly marketing tips, via emails
  • Poster for your work area to promote submitting claims on behalf of clients for Medavie Blue Cross
  • Gift-certicates and various health-prevention posters.
  • As well as:



  • Blog posts - even write and post as a contributor
  • Electronic newsletter sent a few times a year
  • Active Facebook account



  • For therapists who want to teach or share: we offer you space for your workshops and activities
  • An administrative menu exclusively for members loaded with options, information, discounts and tools.
  • Service: Telephone and email response time of 24 hours with very few exceptions.
  • Referral program for new members, offering throughout the year.
  • Over 250 blog entries so you easily can find answers anytime.
  • Added credibility as a therapist
  • A network of therapists
  • A color attestation and code of ethics
  • AQTN members can send invoices electronically, saving time and paper Why is this increasingly important?
  • A vision and mission
  • Wellness chart, ready to be printed and be used.
  • The choice between English and French receipts.
  • Gain access to hours of professional therapeutic music for use during your therapeutic sessions.
  • Great prices, with no taxes.
  • A business card template automatically creates a design for you to use.
  • Fraud prevention measures
  • Status options - Traveling? No problem, we can temporarily suspend your status until you return, without penalty.
  • "AQTN Client Service", for our members, full details in the Administrative menu.
  • "Referral policy" - every new member referred by an existing member gives the existing member 2 months of additional membership for free - read more
  • Huge discounted price for building your own website

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