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Membership eligibility requirements

AQTN is an association with jurisdiction in Quebec for massage therapists, naturotherapists and naturopaths. AQTN has given itself the mission of facilitating the autonomy of its members in their practice by ensuring ethical standards and profesionalism from its members.

Our membership eligibility requirements are:

  • Duly completed application form, signed and dated ;
  • Acceptance of our association's Code of Ethics and philosophy ;
  • Confirmation of a valid email address ;
  • Confirmation of your physical address ;
  • You are 18 years old or older ;
  • You have no criminal record ;
  • Have the right to work legally in Quebec ;
  • You accept to only use AQTN's receipts ;
  • You speak English and/or French (verified by phone).

Documents to include with your application

To join the association, you must complete the application form and include the following documents. Please do not send originals as they will not be returned.

  • Diplomas, attestations, grades as applicable to designation
  • Curriculum Vitae or letter of intent
  • Two pieces of Photo ID such as: Passport, RAMQ card, student card, driver's license. We also accept a birth certificate.
  • Cheque payable to AQTN if paying by cheque.

Ready to join our Association?

To submit an application by mail or by fax:
   Massage therapy
   Naturotherapy and Naturopathy

To start an online application or if you do not have a printer:
   Click here to proceed.

Pricing, application processing time, instructions and other details are all in the application form itself.

You don't have a CV? Send us a letter of intent instead, or create a CV for free in minutes:

Quebec professional massage therapist and naturopath association

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