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What we do to limit fraud

Fraud, a reality

What does AQTN do to limit fraud and increase safety for the Quebec public and strengthen our ties with insurers?

A lot, beacause we know that fraud can be significantly reduced with prevention measures, here are some examples of actions we take:

  • We manufacture receipt booklets with the name, telephone and permit number of the member.
  • We use best practices to verify training.
  • We ask for a signature on the application form, made available to insurers.
  • We ask for two references for validation and verification purposes.
  • We require explicit consent to respect our code of ethics and terms of use.
  • We ask for a CV or a letter of intent.
  • We ask for two official pieces of identification.
  • We maintain quotas on how many receipts each member has.
  • We openly publish our code of ethics.
  • We openly publish a list of recognized schools.
  • We openly publish our liability insurance brokerage firms and prices.
  • We are an active member of Soins Personnels Québec, CSMO.
  • We have a contact with the RCMP.
  • AQTN periodically reviews Craigslist Montreal Therapeutic Services; and Kijiji
  • We are active on social media to propose suggestions and solutions.
  • We are in a position to conduct audits.
  • We provide interested schools with ethics modules, A&P, training and more.
  • We also have internal proprietary verification procedures.

We created receipts so our massage therapists can ask for the client's address before a session starts for the receipt. The address has to match the address their insurance company has for them. AQTN has been told that this, in and of itself, has resulted in some clients leaving, clients who clearly wanted to be anonymous. AQTN receipts are designed to be part of your toolkit.