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About us & prospective members

AQTN is an association with jurisdiction in Quebec for massage therapists, naturotherapists, naturopaths and reflexologists. AQTN has given itself the mission of facilitating the autonomy of its members in their practice by ensuring ethical standards and profesionalism from its members.

Joining AQTN is supporting a philosophy and a common project.

We offer you the advantages of an association but with the power of an alliance.

  • 100$ yearly membership fee.
  • Take advantage of our network of partners.
  • AQTN is recognized by most major insurance companies.
  • Benefit from being listed on the online member's registry.
  • Benefit from liability insurance at preferential rates available to members.
  • Participate in developing articles, standards and studies.

View a more comprehensive list of services offered to members.

Note: For multiple designations, we do not count hours twice.

Applying and joining our alliance is simple.

  • Print the proper membership form.
  • Use the checklist to ensure it is duly completed.
  • Send it in for evaluation!

Click here for information about liability insurance.

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