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Member categories of the AQTN association

Our member categories:


  • A member who has been assigned a permit number, and whose services may be accompanied with AQTN receipts.
  • Active members can choose to be listed or not on the online registry.
  • Active members have full access to the administrative menu, including all its discounts and special offers.
  • Active members receive updates and communications electronically when sent by AQTN.
  • Active members must pay membership / renewal fees.


  • Inactive members do not have the right to practice their modality and issue AQTN receipts.
  • Inactive members are not listed on the online registry.
  • Inactive members cannot login to the administrative menu or take advantage of it's options.

An inactive membership can also be attributed for a maternity leave, CSST or if you are travelling outside the country for a prolonged period [minimum 3 months] Read more about this option.


  • A teacher or trainer does not practice an AQTN modality and does not issue receipts.
  • The name of the teacher or trainer does not appear on the online registry.

This category is for those who might provide training or presentations to AQTN members, but do not meet the requirements to become members. Examples: nurses, pharmacists or psychologists. A massage therapy teacher or other represented modality teacher would be either "active" or "inactive", depending on the case.