• Québec, Montréal - Association de massothérapeutes - massothérapie

Non-profit Quebec-based multidisciplinary association


Aid the practice of our members to prosper by using our privileged relationship with insurance carriers in order to offer added value to their clients.


Our mission is to create an environment that will enable all member therapists to provide safe natural therapy using the techniques acquired through their education to help their clients achieve better health and ultimately a better quality of life.


Quebec businesses are increasingly migrating to the Internet, enabling the streamlining of processes and automating workflow. This has enabled us to decrease operating costs, which translates into lower fees for our members.

If you are passionate about reaching your goals, you do.
Ours was to create AQTN.

We developed a cookie-cutter approach. We have identified the key components that we are already doing well and we do them over and over again. This includes things such as: Keeping the process simple, focusing on our members, applying our admission criteria rigorously and remaining open to new ideas, especially those that create added value for our members.

Our history:

AQTN was established in June 2010 and incorporated in January 2011. In January 2013 the organization was restructured into a non-profit Association.