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Quebec naturotherapy requirements


  • Trainings whose focus is esthetic are not eligible.
  • In most cases naturotherapists are multi-disciplinary.

We do not evaluate applications over the phone or by email, you must submit your application with the required documents. The evaluation is free.


  • Certain hours from bachellor degree courses are admissible, although generally insufficient by itself. Examples include social work, nursing, education, human nutrition, global nutrition, nutritional biochemestry or sexology.

Naturotherapy comprises a spectrum of therapeutic approaches broadly grouped into four categories:

  • Alternative medical systems.
  • Bodywork therapies.
  • Biologically based therapies.
  • Mind-body therapies.

Naturotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatments, but can be complementary to them. We increasingly talk of integrative medicine, which can be accomplished with an Order or through health professionals.