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What you, the client, need to know
Public Protection


AQTN has the mission to protect the public and encourage the autonomy of its members in their practice. As such, AQTN has put in place a selection processes for new members, disciplinary measures and professional inspections in order to ensure that our members respect and apply the philosophy and clauses of the code of ethics.

There are steps that lead to well-being and a lifestyle most conducive to long-term health.

Studies show that people who use CAM are significantly healthier, on average, than those who do not, over long periods (i.e. 5 or 10 years). The underlying argument is that the 'type' of person who uses CAM is also more likely to make smart healthy life style choices.

So why not start by treating yourself to one therapeutic session per month? "Investing in your own health pays off".

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Be mindful that AQTN therapists work with many different people, and they may be able to flag a condition or minor symptom that you have overlooked.

Contraindications of massage therapy for cancer patients (PDF)

Cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, terminal illnesses, heart conditions (and the list goes on) cannot be cured by integrative medicine (previously complementary alternative medicine - CAM). Integrative medicine can, however, help by reducing stress and anxiety and by enhancing the body's capability of self healing.

AQTN therapists may help you improve both your lifestyle and your health. There are, however, limits to what integrative medicine can accomplish. You may read more about these in our various literary review compilations. It is always recommended to speak with your family doctor about complementary treatments you are seeking with a therapist to valide the positive impact on your health.


Page that details insurance company recognition.

Any client wishing to retain and benefit from the services of a health practitioner is encouraged to consult their benefit booklet, human resources and / or call their insurance company's customer service to verify coverage for a given designation. Individual policies differ from group benefit policies or from governmental policies or polices that do not follow the rules of RAMQ - each of which may have conditional eligibility criteria or restrictions of providers or even individuals for a given benefit. There are also Health Spending Accounts, another type of insurance coverage that usually offers a wider range of coverage, including at times gym memberships.

Conditional eligibility criteria examples: a physician's prescription for massage coverage from a licenced massage therapist, or exclusive coverage for massage therapists with over 1,000 hours.

Tip: Asking for the cost of a session before showing up is a good idea.