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A frequent question is: "which insurers recognize you?"

Massage Therapy: All except AFBS, EL, Medic Construction and the Hydro-Quebec policy.

Naturopathy/Naturotherapy: Same as above adding IA.

Naturotherapy: Naturotherapy is reimbursed under the naturopathy benefit, with few excepctions, ex: Great West Life has added a naturotherapy benefit to a small number of contracts. Some federal groups do not include naturotherapy.

Details on Medic Construction: Their non recognition is not the result of a decision following the review of our file. The committee charged with employee benefits does not feel it is a priority to review the list of recognized associations, which is listed on the claim form used by their insured. Medic's position is to only reocognize those in the list. They were impressed with our annual reports in 2015, 2016 and by our Mémoire sent to the Office des professions. As a result, AQTN remains confident we will be included in the future. See page two of their claim form two for the list of associations - Image of the list. Note that the list has not been updated for years.

A comprehensive answer is that no association in Quebec can truly assert that the receipts issued by all their member will always be recognized and reimbursed by all insurance carriers. There are situations in which receipts may be refused by a group insurance plan, even if the insurance carrier recognizes the association for massage therapy.

How is this possible? Here are some examples:

1- An Insurance Company provides group insurance coverage to a specific assocation from one single Association.

The only known example: the insurance company AFBS only recognizes members of the FQM, and no other association for massage therapy.

2- An insurance carrier may provide group insurance to a specific company with specific additional eligibility criteria.

For example, only massages provided by a therapist with a minimum training of 1000 hours will be refunded in some cases. It may also be 1000 hours without accounting for experience hours, only classroom accounted hours. It is therefore possible that the receipt issued by a therapist for a 90-minute treatment is refused, even if the member is part of a recognized Association by the Insurer. These criteria are not currently disclosed by insurers and they have asked us not to publish names at this time.

It is therefore important that the client (customer), the person who benefits from the treatment, know the terms of his group benefits contract.

It is deplorable that some employers may not find the time or the opportunity to explain the coverage and reimbursement criteria to their employees. This may be one reason why insurance companies typically provide their insured with benefits booklets.

When choosing an association, we recommend you select one according to your criteria and your values.

A little bit of history: Manual therapists, such as massage therapists (kinesitherapists, orthotherapists), naturopaths, osteopaths, naturopaths are not governed by a professional Order or a regulatory body. The industry has a need to legitimize the training, competencies and certification of members, and associations have emerged to fill this legal vacuum. The natural synergy that is created between an association and the schools it endorses often encourages continuity in the accreditation process for the student to go to a single association. Therapists either forget or do not know that they are faced with a choice, as a consumer, as to which association they can belong to.

Some questions to ask before joining an Association:

  • What insurers recognize the association? Are they transparent?
  • What services are offered by the association?
  • What are the association's publications?
  • What is included with your membership? Receipts, insurance, gift certificates, business cards, loyalty card for your customers, music subscription, are there any costs?
  • What are the networking opportunities offered by the association?

How is an association recognized by an insurance company?

There are two methods insurers employ to recognize an Association. Some send the Association an official letter or email that confirms their recognition while others simply honor the claims of members of reputable associations.

If you are an active therapist in the field, we invite you to submit an application:

Massage therapist and Kinesitherapist     or     Naturopath / Naturotherapist