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Last modification of Reflexology literary review: March 24, 2014

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Reflexology is clearly among the least invasive, which means it has the least possible side effects, and for this reason is among the safest of complementary alternative medicine (CAM), more properly described as integrative medicine.

Defining reflexology: Reflexology techniques and definitions vary - some use tools while other use only the fingers / hands. Some use oil or aromatherapy to complement the treatment, others are against these practices.

The specific style of reflexology we are examining in this literary review compilation is reflexology without tools or other added elements. It is essentially a learned routine, as most therapies are, sharing the same core sets of movements and progression, which lasts approximately 50 minutes.

It should be noted that during the treatment, many people will relax to the point of falling asleep (ie: parasympathetic state). Falling asleep does not preclude or diminish the theoretical effectiveness of reflexology, as the reflexologist can continue to stimulate nerves, which continue to be receptive to the treatment. Reflexology claims to create a healthy environment for the body to help it heal itself, by emphasizing the parasympathetic state instead of sympathetic mode. The literary review will analyze these points along with others.

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